Brendan Carroll @ Homeland Security



Windows, Walls and Screens: New Paintings by Brendan Carroll

 Feb.22-Mar.23 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, Feb. 22, from 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Homeland Security

1715 Gould St

Dallas, TX 75215


CONTACTS: Eli Walker (469) 774-5656, Kelly Kroener (513) 850-1435


Homeland Security is pleased to present Windows, Walls and Screens: New Paintings by Brendan Carroll. Carroll received his MFA at the Hoffberger Painting School at Maryland Institute College of Art and currently lives and works in Atlanta. He frequently draws inspiration from his experience working in neuropsychology research. He has worked in labs investigating mood disorders and memory at Columbia University by administrating fMRI scans.

Carroll synthesizes his experience with psychology and art to create formal paintings that interpret perception. With his current work, Carroll takes on the notion of a painting being a ‘window’ or ‘wall.” By combining the attributes of both, he directs us to consider painting more as a ‘screen’ that conveys manipulated and obscured information. The screen requires a decision: to ignore, to focus, or to determine its effects. To include the screen in the evaluation of one’s view requires concentration, introspection, or at least a keen awareness of the environment.

Introducing these paintings to the domestic gallery of Homeland Security activates the living area by being placed between the windows and around the furniture in the room. This arrangement can be considered as a strait-forward art hanging or as a comprehension of alternating planes of perception.

Windows, Walls and Screens will be on view February 22nd – March 23rd with an opening reception on Friday, February 22nd between 6:00pm-10:00pm. Homeland Security is located at 1715 Gould Street, Dallas TX. next door to Lee Harvey’s Bar and two blocks East of the Cedars Rail Station.

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