Mark Brown: Casual Encounters @ Homeland Security

DSCN2218 18.38.25

OPENING RECEPTION: June 21 6:00pm-10:pm
LOCATION: Homeland Security Domestic
1715 Gould St
Dallas, TX 75215
CONTACTS: Eli Walker, Curator
Kelly Kroener, Curator

Homeland Security is pleased to present Mark Brown: Casual Encounters. New paintings by Mark Brown on June 21 from 6:00pm- 10:00pm.

Brown is a native of North Carolina and studied at The Art Institute of Chicago before spending his graduate studies between Bowling Green State in Ohio and S.A.C.I. in Firenze, Italy. Brown has a deep fondness for his times spent in Italy in a Benedictine Monastery (San Benedetto Nocia) and draws much of his inspiration from the portraiture of the Florentine Mannerist Period.

Recently, Brown has been touring the US exploring the cultures, personalities and commerce of different regions with an emphasis on the South. For Casual Encounters, Brown will be displaying these influences by way of the portraits made during his brief stay in Texas.

Casual Encounters gets its namesake from the coincidental crossing of paths from the artist with the gallery. The show will only be up for one day while the artist continues on his travels.

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