Diego Leclery: Mature Work

Diego pcf

DATES:          Oct. 23. 6pm-9pm, 2014

                        Oct. 24. 6pm-10pm, 2014

RECEPTION: Thursday, Oct. 23. 6pm-9pm, 2014

 LOCATION:  Homeland Security Gallery

                        1715 Gould St

                        Dallas, TX 75215

On Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 6PM, Homeland Security will host the opening of Diego Leclery: Mature Work, the artist’s first solo exhibition in Texas. As a group, the works included in this show set the idea of artistic progression against the measure of personal growth.

Where the relationship artists and artworks have with society has been a long-explored topic in art (Mike Kelley’s 1988 Pay for Your Pleasure being a thorough example), Mature Work instead focuses on the ability of art and artworks to affect the artist’s personal life, directly.

In this exhibition, Leclery expands on a theme explored in the 2013 solo exhibition entitled Mom—where, through art, he attempted to generate stronger bonds with his mother—as well as his contribution to the 2014 Whitney Biennial—a performance where he evaluated the cutting-edge’s show vanguardist credential as a measure of its potential to blur art and life for him in particular, by potentially launching his commercial career, and helping him blur art and life by making a living off art.

The works in this series all test the post-studio practice’s blurring of art on this deeper, more personal standard.

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