Cleaning House a solo show with Clayton Skidmore 1/15 – 2/14

Clayton postcard imagePCF

CLEANING HOUSE by Dallas native, CLAYTON SKIDMORE depicts architectural structures with scale models. His miniatures represent a metaphysical realm where the fantasy of building and destroying institutions can be perceived.

Skidmore uses Homeland Security as an example of the anti-authoritarian interpretation of the domestic space as an institution. The attitude of asserting Living With Art as opposed to Going to See Art collapses and inspires the work in CLEANING HOUSE.

CLEANING HOUSE consists of a video projection of “Thru Albers to Richter” in the front room, a film shoot of a burning model of Homeland Security in the backyard, and a video feed of the footage playing on the bedroom television. CLEANING HOUSE represents both a cleansing sacrificial act and a violation, Skidmore along with Homeland Security houses questions of cultural inheritance and the role personal places play under the weight of public organizations.

Clayton Skidmore is an artist working in Ithaca, NY. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Visual Arts at Cornell University and received his BFA from Kansas City Art Institute. During his residency at Urban Culture Project Studio Residency in 2011, he helped start up Subterranean Gallery in Kansas City, MO. During his time working as the gallery’s Exhibition Coordinator, he co-curated The Hot Tub Dialogues Lecture Series, which gathered both local and national attention for its absurd premise. CLEANING HOUSE at Homeland Security is his first solo-exhibition and in the spring of 2016 he will have his second solo-exhibition at Tjaden Gallery in NY.

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